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4 in 1 Cooking Plate

The Blaze 4 in 1 Stainless Steel Cooking Plate is the perfect way to add a variety of cooking options to your Blaze Kamado or any charcoal grill. It can be used for radiant heat deflection for low and slow cooking, turning your kamado into the ultimate smoker. Provides a more durable and long lasting solution to pizza stones. It can also be used as a cooking plate for setting pots and dutch ovens on. Allowing you to add a little smoke to your favorite sauces, stews, or gumbos while cooking. The Blaze 4 in 1 Cooking Plate also serves as a griddle plate. Allowing you achieve beautiful full surface sears on your steaks, fish, or even cook breakfast. This product is covered by lifetime warranty.

Juicy & Crispy 

The rotisserie is made out of 304 grade stainless steel and includes a waterproof motor. It allows you to expand your grilling options and roast whole chicken, pork loin, beef roast and more. When used together with the Charcoal Basket and dripping pan you can cook your food with indirect rear infrared heat. The meat will be continuously basted in it's own juices which ensures a juicy and crispy result!

Natural flavour

The charcoal basket sections off the charcoal to one side of the grill for indirect cooking and greater control. When paired with the Blaze Kamado Rotisserie the hot charcoal in the basket provides infrared heat which results in food that retains more of its own natural flavor. The moisture enhancing pan fits perfectly with or without the charcoal basket to catch all of those delicious juices for pan sauces and gravies, or can be used as a moisture pan for water or any of your favorite cooking liquids when smoking.


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